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Stop Paying Too Much In Taxes...

And Start Building Generational Wealth

Learning how to maximize the tax efficiency of your portfolio can unlock your ability to create generational wealth, achieve financial independence, and leave a lasting legacy. 

This online course will show you the proven playbook for keeping more of what you earn and accelerating wealth creation through tax free growth.


Are taxes limiting your ability to create generational wealth for your family? Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of taxes on your income and business?

You’re working hard to achieve financial freedom and build a lasting legacy. 

But it doesn’t matter what you make… it only matters what you keep. 

Taxes are the biggest expense in life, yet many investors have a defeatist attitude towards them… they just accept that a huge chunk of what they make goes to the government, and there’s nothing they can do about that. 

The reality is that there are numerous strategies that can be employed to help you keep more of what you make, and to help your investments grow more efficiently. 

And I’m not talking about complex, expensive strategies that attempt to exploit a dubious loophole. I’m talking about legitimate, straightforward tax incentives that thousands of investors are already utilizing. 

You can use the Free Lunch Framework to supercharge your portfolio today. It might be the best investment you ever make. 

Free Lunch U® Will Teach You To:


This course gives you the clarity and confidence you need to reduce your taxes today, tomorrow, and in retirement.

Free Lunch U is taught by lead instructor Michael Johnston, CFA. Michael has more than two decades of experience in the finance industry, and in this course he is sharing everything he has learned during his career as an entrepreneur and as an investor. 

Michael is joined by several leading experts on tax efficient investing, including best-in-class accountant, advisors, and fund managers.

13 Video Lessons

Michael breaks down complex topics into simple, easy-to-understand frameworks. Each in-depth videos is jam packed with practical and actionable strategies.

Bonus Downloads

This course includes more than 20 downloadable and fully customizable spreadsheets. You'll be able to run custom analyses for your exact situation.

Exclusive Community

In addition to lifetime access to all video modules, you'll gain access to exclusive member forums and events.

Start Building Your Legacy.

It begins with confidently taking ownership of your financial picture. 

Learn the Basics

Michael will teach you his Two Rules of the Investment Universe and the Three Principles of Tax Efficient Investing.

Take Control

Armed with these foundational principles, you'll begin to spot obvious opportunities to improve your tax efficiency.

Supercharge Your Portfolio

When paired with a long term investing philosophy, tax efficiency can deliver impressive results.

Everyone should feel empowered to be a Tax Efficient Investor.

Many investors pay way too much in taxes over the course of their lifetime because they’re scared and overwhelmed. 

They’ve been led to believe that the tax code is incomprehensible, and trying to reduce taxes is a risky endeavor. 

Free Lunch U demystifies and simplifies the tax code. You don’t need an alphabet of letters after your name to understand how you can use the law to your advantage. 

You won’t find complex or legally dubious strategies here. You won’t find tactics that you need an army of accountants and lawyers to implement. 

Just straightforward, actionable strategies from a proven playbook. 

Included in Free Lunch U®

You get lifetime access to 13 video modules, each jam-packed with easy-to-follow instruction and actionable ideas. Each module includes bonus materials, such as customizable spreadsheets and more. 

Here’s what is included: 

Most investors have a mental block that prevents them from building a tax efficient portfolio, and results in them paying way too much in taxes over the course of their lives. The opening module breaks down this One Big Myth, setting the stage for everything that follows. 

Just like our physical world is governed by the laws of physics, your portfolio is governed by the laws of the Investing Universe. Michael has two “Golden Rules” that illustrate the tremendous potential of tax efficient investing, and he teaches them to you in this module. 

Michael teaches you the three principles that guide all of his investment decisions, arming you with powerful concepts that you can apply to a wide variety of situations. 

In the meat of this course, Michael walks through the four critical pieces of any successful tax efficient portfolio. He breaks down 401(k)s, IRAs, alternatives, and estate planning concepts in great detail. 

As a serial entrepreneur, Michael has become acutely aware of the unique tax challenges facing business owners. He’s also well versed i the tremendous opportunities that exist to capture alpha from tax arbitrage, maximize income deferral opportunities, and optimize entity structure to reduce tax liabilities. 

Beyond the basic pillars, you’ll learn about portfolio construction techniques that ensure your assets are well positioned for long term, tax efficient growth. 

Additionally, you’ll learn about the importance of “starting at the end” and planning  withdrawal strategy that minimizes your tax burden in retirement. 

It’s important to never lose track of your “why.” In this module, Michael and guest instructor Andy Hagans discuss what it means to be a Tax Efficient Investor, and how to avoid losing track of your financial, personal, and spiritual goals. 

Along with lifetime access to all the video modules in Free Lunch U, you’ll receive instant downloads of more than 20 fully customizable spreadsheets. 

These include: 

  • Traditional-to-Roth IRA Calculator
  • Backdoor Roth Calculator
  • UTMA Analysis
  • S Corp Tax Savings
  • 529 Strategy Analysis
  • DAF Calculations

… and many more. 

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